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RUIHUI has been cultivated since the beginning of the establishment of talent recruitment training; over the years, the company has been steadily operating, the products are constantly updated, from the original simple roller feeder to the NC servo feeder, to the three-in-one rack to level the feeding Fully automatic peripheral line equipment such as machine, unwinding and blanking line, three-dimensional multi-station manipulator, multi-axis robot, etc., to meet the needs of market customers, improve work efficiency, reduce the burden on business management personnel, and maintain the frontline staff of customers. Significant contributions have been made in terms of production safety.

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CNC machining process analysis involves a wide range of applications, and only analyzes the possibility and convenience of CNC machining. (一) The size data on

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Most customers, the stamping production line does not choose a double-sided oil feeder, and the two sides of the stamping material are oiled. It may be based on

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